Hydrozonix Water Quality Management

Hydrozonix is a water management company that offers unmatched consulting, technology and services to reduce risk and operating cost by optimizing water quality and use throughout the frac water cycle. Our experienced crews and innovative solutions are used by major and independent operators working in unconventional oil and gas throughout the United States.

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Designing and implementing a water management program based on analysis of the frac water cycle and focused on optimizing water quality for slickwater, crosslink gel or hybrid fracs


Superior bacterial disinfection, real-time monitoring and innovative recycling methods that assure water is properly treated before it gets to the blender through the use of ozonation, electrochemical oxidation and advanced aeration


Onsite service for water transfer, testing, storage, recycling and reuse, combining operational efficiency and cost savings through water quality management


87,928,434 Barrels of Water Treated in 5 Basins

(As of 10/22/2015)