Real-time Project Management

hydrOS is the internally developed operating system and automation platform that controls all of the Hydrozonix technologies. It can be accessed locally or from a cellphone or PC from anywhere. While working with Hydrozonix, clients are given login credentials. Initially they are forwarded to an initial screen that will show all active projects. The user can then select the project he chooses to monitor as shown.

From the all projects view you can select a single project and review stage progress, scheduled duration, barrel count, location, operating status and well name. For zipper wells all wells are listed with stage number for each well and barrel count for each well. The project view here allows for a general overview of the project. This view can be customized to add specific information required.

Technology Subsystems


From the project view you can go to the individual HYDRO3CIDE and check operating conditions of each component. You can evaluate temperatures and pressures of each component as well. You will see operating status, run time and customizable charts showing date ranges you can select. This screen will also allow you to monitor ozone output.

On-The-Fly Treatment Manifold

For completions services, the On-The-Fly Manifold can be monitored – showing current flowrates of water, ozone, and chemical additives in real time. Chemical levels can be checked to ensure there are no disruptions in flow due to a shortage in treatment supplies.

SMART Evaporation

SMART evaporation overview shows current evaporation rates vs projected values based off of temperature and humidity. Wind direction and speed are monitored to minimize droplet drift to ensure salt deposits are not accumulating outside of the pit.


From the project view you can go to the individual HYDROFLARE to see the current status in real time. Accumulated evaporation numbers are monitored for reporting on cost savings. All pressures, flowrates, temperatures, and levels can be viewed for peace of mind that the system is working as intended.