Advanced Technology Improves Water Management Efficiency, Saves Money

Hydrozonix water treatment technology uses mobile onsite units that are ozone-based and require no liquid chemicals, as well as portable aeration systems that maintain the quality of stored flowback and produced water.

We can provide our advanced technologies separately or as part of our HzO Trio program, which can replace conventional chemical programs and provide more effective control of bacteria, iron and sulfide at a much lower cost.

HzO Trio Provides Three Steps to High-quality, Low-cost Recycled Water

The HzO Trio includes:

Operators that recycle with the HzO Trio combination have achieved higher water quality for a fraction of the cost of chemical programs—less than $0.20/bbl.

Hydro-Air portable aeration system

Above, left to right: HzO Trio components include the HYDRO3CIDE automated oxidation system, the Hydro-Air portable aeration system, and the Completions Services On-The-Fly mobile oxidation system. Below: schematic of HzO Trio on site.

Another recent innovation from Hydrozonix is the HYDROFLARE system. Designed for remote well locations, HYDROFLARE burns flare gas to evaporate flowback and produced water, reducing flaring and eliminating the need for handling and disposal of waste water.

We invite you to watch these videos to learn more about the advanced Hydrozonix technology for improving water quality.

HYDRO3CIDE—Optimizing Water Quality

Benefits of Ozone