Midstream Services

Hydrozonix onsite services include water recycling and reuse as well as optimizing storage and transfer through aeration and automation services. We work with operators to coordinate all water management steps so we can combine superior tanks, pumps, transfer lines and impoundments with our advanced water treatment technology, while automating the entire process.

Integrated Solutions Throughout the Frac Water Cycle

With extensive experience in five U.S. basins, our water management team understands every step of the frac water cycle. Our custom-designed programs include innovations to control water quality, improve efficiency and reduce costs from water sourcing through reuse.

Our senior field supervisors coordinate all water management activities to save time, prevent spills, optimize water use, minimize waste and save money. We have built a reputation for providing safe, dependable and quality service to major and independent operators across the United States.

The Hydrozonix commitment to quality extends to the equipment and processes we provide for treatment and recycling. We can provide high-quality lined impoundments, above-ground storage tanks, transfer lines, pumps and related services to take full-scope responsibility for your water management needs.

Midstream Services

Solutions for water both before and after it comes to the surface. Ozonation, Aeration, and Evaporation technologies are utilized to bring your desired water to maximum quality while also removing excess wastewater without the heavy price-tag of chemical treatments or disposal wells.

HYDRO₃CIDE with Slipstream Manifold

HYDRO-AIRE Aeration Services

SMART Evaporation

HYDROFLARE Evaporation

  • Senior field supervisors lead trained field crews
  • Managed projects for majors and independents across the U.S.
  • Commitment to safety, efficiency and controlling water quality
  • Close coordination of all water management steps
  • Provide tanks, impoundments, pumps and transfer lines as required
  • Superior equipment for treatment, transfer and storage