Innovative Solutions for the Entire Frac Water Cycle

Hydrozonix consults with clients to design and implement water management programs that are based on a complete analysis of the frac water cycle. Our consulting services leverage unique lab studies and scientific expertise in real-time water quality management.

Using this approach, Hydrozonix has consistently improved operational efficiency, lowered chemical costs, recycled more produced water and reduced freshwater requirements.

Our solid reputation rests on our knowledge of water quality science and our ability to integrate water sourcing, transfer, storage and recycling activities. Hydrozonix consulting services include onsite project management led by highly trained senior field supervisors.

Consultative Water Management

Sourcing, handling and recycling water for frac operations have become increasingly complex and expensive as operators strive to efficiently develop unconventional resources. Hydrozonix works with oil and gas companies to design and implement comprehensive, cost-effective water management programs. Leveraging our expertise in water quality science, logistics, onsite service and laboratory analysis, we can design and implement a water management program specifically engineered to meet your needs. Our end-to-end approach includes

  • Assessment
  • Pilot program design
  • Implementation support
  • KPI scorecarding
  • Water quality and performance management

Importance of Water Quality

The quality of the water you use for hydraulic fracturing has a significant impact on your operational efficiency and your well’s ultimate recovery. Bacteria, scaling and treatment chemicals that interfere with frac fluid formulations can damage equipment, increase cost and impair producing formations. That’s why Hydrozonix is committed to providing comprehensive water management solutions that consider water quality at every stage of the frac water cycle.